Another hourly report

So today we’re going house visits and I’m about to sleep right now in the bus.

Last night was tiring especially writing 2 posts. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do. There’s a lot if sketches I drew during the past week and I hope you enjoy it.


On the bus. I’m looking at my brother now and he’s just staring into blank space. I have my hair sprayed up, pimples concealed and I need to eat.

So I bought myself this energy sweet, Dextro Energy. And it’s suppose to “provide fast carbohydrates in between meals and on the go”. Let see if it works.


I’m on 855 and I think Jeanette is sitting 2 seats in front of me. She’s tanner but I’m not 100% confirm so I’m not going to ask. Just to save the humiliation.


I’m now at the first house. Lovely food. A couple of fat cats made it even more better but if one of them comes near me, I’ll jump onto the couch.

I cannot handle animals. I don’t know them and I don’t understand them.

Then we sang a birthday song to our Uncle. Apparently, he’s 62 and we wish a Happy Birthday.


In the MRT now and we saw this elderly couple and his wife is on a wheelchair, so my mum asked the man to sit down while she helped hold onto the wheelchair. That’s so sweet and civil, I’m so proud to call her my mum.

I have so much to learn from her then.


At another house now and when I saw that satay sticks sitting there being heated I was all, “screw the healthy diet”.

OK I can explain the picture above. I was holding a satay stick and the meat was still in my mouth. I’m sorry, I actually wrote the “eat is still in my house.” My mind is somewhere else now.


I’m heading back home now. The weather is so great. It’s unfortunate that I’m wearing something so rough and not breathe easy.



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