Art surgery

I’m sorry, I just had to paste a strip of duct tape over the nose because it almost looked like a pig’s snout. OK, let’s cut the crap, it does indeed look like a snout.

I need a nose job and so does my sketches


So here’s the thing, I’ve always wanted to draw realistic human sketches. It’s so raw.

Right now I’m practicing  sketches from fashion magazine. Studied the body placements. Made sure every muscles and fun parts [alien brains, carrot sticks whatever imagery you can think of] are placed correctly.

For a more spontaneous drawing, my style would tend to swerve towards Contemporary

That basically means drawings that does not make sense but if you get to know the story and emotions behind it, every stroke makes sense.

Oh wait, the reason I’m writing this post is because my mum told me that my sketches aren’t that great that I think it would be.

The male figures I drew were too box-like [agreeable] and the proportions where going off skeleton.

I can’t remember the rest because after that first critic, I blanked out.  I guess I need to practice on the small detail.

Well, it’s just for letting the time pass by at work.


Wow, and I’ve just used up all my sketches I did for the week.


2 Responses to Art surgery

  1. Practice. Practice. Practice. <— easy to say, but if you keep at it, you will develop your style/hand to do exactly what you want it to. Sometimes, it will even surprise you 🙂

    • fizzyfizz says:

      Haha, I’ll try. Thank you!!

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