9/11 … demonization


Now I took this excerpt from Laura Miller from Salon which talks about 9/11 an I love her viewpoints against what’s written about the tragedy.

But before this, happy birthday Marcus.

Oh and a disclaimer, I do give my heart to all those who have lost their loved ones during 9/11.

“At its heart, 9/11 was meaningless.

I realize that sounds inflammatory, but hear me out. The terrorist assault on New York and Washington, D.C., was historically momentous.

Two thousand, nine hundred and ninety-six human beings died, most of them leaving behind devastated loved ones.

Those deaths became the pretext for two wars, a major curtailment of civil liberties in America and human rights abroad, an orgy of patriotic chest-thumping and genuine soul-searching, the expansion of a largely unaccountable intelligence and security apparatus, the demonization of billions of peaceable Muslims by opportunistic demagogues, and so on and so on.”

Now here’s the thing, when I heard about the catastrophe that happened, I was like, “Oh no, not another reason for them to hate Muslims”.

Immediately, that’s what I thought. Because when complacency takes place, there’s all that blaming. And when one has no strong knowledge of the situation, they would just generalize it and start all that crap.

Luckily it’s much better now from what I’m seeing in the media.

Until next time!


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