The wrong outfit

For all the times I had to dress up, why does it have to go wrong today?

So today would be the last day of family raya. We’re visiting a couple of houses and my mum told me that me and my brother can wear causal wear but it has to be smart.

So immediately I was seeing my scarf and my vest in my head.

I was so sure that I will be looking smart and stylish with my pops of colour. But once I chose this black buttoned shirt, everything didn’t make sense anymore.

I tried to wear the scarf but it doesn’t look good with the shirt slightly tucked out. I know everything has to be tucked in but my mum doesn’t agree with it tucked in.

I only had less than 20 minutes to leave the house and there was no time to iron another shirt.

I saw my grey vest and I had this vision. Maybe a waiter-like look would be fine.

I quickly ironed the sides and it got stained. And it’s not the juice stain, it was rust stain. I got so frustrated, I was sweating rivers.

So eventually, I went out all in black. It was the worst look ever, because I’m one who would never leave the house in all-black.

I didn’t want to exude a lot of negative energy because I was angry at myself, so the house visits ended off well.



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