A small birthday celebration, office style

Before I begin, I’m really proud of the sketch I did here. It’s complete and I don’t care what you say, I just feel it’s really good.

[Maybe more practice at the angles? And the feet! Oh my]

Yesterday I went to Popular to buy my drawing stationary. I can’t believe I spent over $6 for pens and pencils.

The big fat prism like pencil works really well for shading. I have no idea whats in the lead but if you exert lesser pressure it gives a HB tone, but it go exert more it could go all the way to 8B. I mean, it’s the whole pencil set in one stick.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! [Showers myself with confetti, streamers. Then pops party poppers with fireworks at the background]

There you go.

So anyways, it would be minutes away to my birthday [Yay, 19] and I had the worst pre-birthday at work today.

There was just so many things to do and in the end, we waited in the office till 9pm before we could leave. Hour after hour, I was filled with angst and I was so frustrated at myself for spending my day in the office.

So, I decided to make a cake for myself and celebrate it with my branch mates — made out office stationary that is.

Yes, I happened to have candles in my drawer in which I found in the dustbin in another room while cleaning it.

And I don’t mean myself. But don’t get me wrong, there’s a fire down at my candle. I’m just saying.  Did I went too far?

Sure I can’t bake cake, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stick candles around a sticky tape roll? It’s the best I could come up with.

My friend, Andrew, lighted up the candles and he and Zul sang me a Birthday Song. It was really sweet and it made my day. [Shout outs to Andrew and Zul]

Gee, I’m still poking myself with pins and needles being 19 years old/young. Let me tell you, my character isn’t getting more mature.

Just a few hours ago, when we left the office building and we missed the bus, I threw a tantrum and did a dramatic scene and sat on the floor. At the bus stop.

How childish can I get, right?

Anyways, I love you guys, enjoy your day. I hope I will too.



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