I’m 19 all right.

Happy Birthday to me!!

Why am I having this deja vu moment? [Oh yes, I wished myself a Happy Birthday in my previous post, do see it!]

What better way of celebrating this Hari Raya month than going home visiting to your close friends from secondary school?

Unfortunately, I have no pictures with me right now nor have they uploaded the pictures.

So you know the morning cliques during secondary school I talked about? I finally met them once again after 3 years. I missed them so much.

[Multi Shout-outs to Aisyah, Elfira, Suzzie, Atikah and Nurul]

Reporting Location was at Aisyah’s house. Let me tell you, the rain made it harder to leave the house let alone walk under the rain.

Here’s the shit, though.

I reached her house with my pants wet and Aisyah’s mum was so kind to give me a sarong [in which I’ve never worn before] and offered me some help to iron my pants and dry it. My legs have never felt so much freedom before.

Yes, I ironed it myself. I will not let anyone iron my clothing especially when I’m the guest.

Once that, we all ate, and went to each other’s houses and ate again. I was so full, I felt as fat as a house.

I had such a great time talking with Aisyah. It’s been too long and we caught up with all the dish. Let me tell you, I’ve been missing from the clique for too long, there’s some major changes that I didn’t know of.

My jaws dropped at almost every news they supplied me with.

Sure enough, during that festive moment, Aisyah somehow detached a pipe hose and showered herself with water.

After that, I went back home and there was a really mini celebration for my birthday and I got an Everlast watch.

Love it.

Well, back to work tomorrow. I’m definitely dragging my feet back to the office.


Oh and thank you all for the well wishes!


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