Die and succeed

I’ve been practicing my skill in using watercolour pencils. I got 2 boxes of them by my branch during my birthday and I was so glad they did, because painting has always been my enemy.

Water colour is the worst because unlike acrylic paint, water colour smudges way too much.

But the trick I learnt is that you have to wait for it for your paper to dry, before you apply another layer. Let me tell you, I wasn’t patient last time, but such things need patience. I was bitter about it, but it was necessary.

What do you know? Patience truly is a virtue.

Let’s talk about this week shall we?

I’m so tired out, I haven’t had a miracle in days

I’ve been assigned to be in charge of a certain task and I’m at rage. Well, more of uncomfortable because I don’t know what to do and what they will think of me.
Die and succeed, I will say.

Also, guess what? I’m finally getting some of my writings to be published . . . in my camp magazine. It’s not Style:Men or 8 Days, but I’m still in the print industry.

I’m breaking through the literary world!




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