When I feel frustrated

Whenever I’m shattered with emotions, I tend to leak some of them out. And then there would be a burst of them. It’s like a nuclear bomb really [Insert Bush’s mispronunciation of ‘nuclear’ as ‘nu-cu-lar’]

So I know people who have worked with me know that when I’m really frustrated, I’ll be in my solemn mood. I’ll just not talk and maybe show a little attitude here and there. [For that I apologize, but it comes naturally]

I’ll start positioning my eyebrows at awkward places, have like a halved closed eyelid.

I don’t say out my problems like most people do. [Although I do have a good listening ear, until it gets so swollen with repetitive information that I can’t register anything else]

But what I do is that, I convert it to a kind of emotions boxed in. It’s very unhealthy, and I’ll die soon because of that.

Which is why, I blog.



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