The ‘Kain Pelikat” Posse

I know it has been a day, but the trip to KL was really satisfying.

So let’s us start from the beginning and dish it all out.

So on the first day, I was ready for the 5 hour trip. I got my sketchbook with me but once I got onto the bus, I slept. Whenever I get onto a bus ride, I’ll just get sleepy.

Once I woke up to where we had to be custom checked [ if that how I use it in a sentence?] my heart started to beat faster. I am never comfortable when they I have to get my thumbprint scanned and then, check my bag. I have this fear of being wanted.

What if they think I’m some kind of illegal immigrant and I am forced to stay back? It’s the beeping which denotes the alarm of the metal detector that freaks me out.

So once we get to a pit-stop I don’t know of, we got off and bought dinner. I, of course, bought bubblegum and chewing gum and all things chewy really. That’s where I felt so free, somehow.

The hotel was great, it was spacious, the view from our bedroom was nice [a derelict car park building]

We did shop at KLCC. I saw a lot of branded goods that I wanted to buy so badly, but it was a great window shopping experience.

So here’s the thing, I always forget that everything there is in Ringgit, so whenever I see a price tag I’d go,” Why is it so expensive?!”. Then it would occur to me. Duh!

Oh, almost forgot, we went to visit our relative for Hari Raya.

Wow, I have a lot to say, but I can’t drag this post any longer.

All I know is that I slept a lot. I didn’t talk much because when I’m there, I automatically think that I’m forced to speak Malay and that’s never comforting to hear.



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