Breast Cancer Awareness Month



the early spring sunshine

in my hand


Isn’t the badge classy? And the [what is it called?] jingle, “Treasure the Breast things in life” just sticks to your head. Love the pun too.

Once my brother brought a whole bag home for some donation task, I bought 1.

Now it’s not only about the badge, but also about the good cause that comes out of it.

It’s not easy for me to be aware of breast cancer simply because it does not affect me. But that does not mean that I cannot spread awareness of early detection of breast cancer. Yes, I’m going to change someone’s life today.

Apparently, for women ages 20-39, you only need to get a monthly breast self-examination. And everyone knows cancer is the most torturous battle to fight, let alone win. So, do avoid this battle by getting your checkups.

Sorry, I was trying to be a doctor, just for a split second. Just give me a chance.

Also, if you think that it’s not likely [let God forbid] that you will ever encounter this battle, then you’re wrong.

So, do love your body and maybe one day you might be an ambassador for these kind of awareness foundation.



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