Let it flow

If I ever get a print like that for a scarf, I would totally buy it. Wouldn’t you? Just nod

OK technique: I got a piece of tissue paper and drenched it in the ink solution I mixed. Placed it on the paper and quickly lifted it. [Now that’s for the large prints].

The more detailed ones at the bottom, I increased the concentration of ink in the solution and used crushed cardboard paper and dabbed it. Then I took my pen and outlined all the ink marks.

The lady is just there to feed off the pain.

To be truthful, I actually spilled some ink on my sketch. Initially, I imagined the girl to be in a room and I’d mix black and purple to create the mood, but no. My paintbrush just had to create such an ugly stain.

I’m very inspired by how urban the print looks. It’s so raw and edgy.

In frustration, the ‘stains’ in one’s life is for you to make it beautiful. Sometimes it is possible to turn a bad thing into a good one. What we can’t do is live our lives being afraid of the next bad thing to come because chances are they are not going to stop.

The thing is to recognize the spark in a blackout.



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