Timezone No Zone


Saturday was really interesting

Me and my siblings went to Northpoint with a sole purpose to play our teenage years of at Timezone.

Yes, it was a childhood thing we do almost every other month as a family. But things have changed and we can’t possibly leave our childhood behind us. So we went there.

At first, I thought of how embarrassing it would be for a 19 year old guy to walk into this game-fested room. Not really, there were people thrice as old as me and they were playing this really ridiculous game of “Fishing Joy” on a pool size table.

Eager to start playing, we rushed to the basketball booth and scored the highest score. Well that’s because all 3 of us threw one after another. Of course, amateurs like us deserve that trio chance.

We played the most childish games ever simply because we had so much fun getting the best scores at it.

However, there were a lot of irritating moments like my blowing bowling ball [What? I’m 19] stuck at the back of the alley and I can’t retrieve it.

After playing $20 worth of games, we went home. I got myself a Homme Designare magazine (October Issue) of course.

Right now (10.40pm), my mum’s furious with our neighbors above us making a lot of continuous booming knocks that she’s planning to grab hold of the bamboo poles we have at home [what is it called again?] and so the most uncivil thing; knocking on the wall to seek revenge.

I explained to her that we have to approach this in the most civil manner keeping peace in mind. Well, that didn’t work. She told me that if she were to approach them to plead or tell them off, I’d have to follow her.

Well, I’m so irritated by the noise at it is, and I cannot handle it anymore. It’s time to take action. It’s time . . . to drown myself in sleeping pills and wait for the day to be over.



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