Brain Drain

I used neutral tones to complement the soft blue hue. It’s gives a more soothing vibe.

Wow 3 days of not posting anything?

Anyways, I’ve been busy training my journalistic and literary mind to do this Soulbook. I borrowed a book to teach me on the techniques used in magazine writing or any articles of that matter.

I did it because I want to take this opportunity very seriously. I don’t think the role of a writer can be handed to me on a silver platter every single day, do I?

Also, I didn’t want any of my informal, colloquial, blog-like style to be a problem for me. At the same time, I didn’t want my write-ups to be so boring.

So, I did my research in books and magazines to check how many words used per paragraph, the tone, words used to describe an event or an object. Style Magazine, Homme Designare Magazine, you name it, I’m dissecting all the feature articles and cover stories there are inside the magazines.

Now, you know why I titled this post, “Brain Drain”.



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