My dream wedding

For all the days that I want to rest, today is the day the flu demon came.

Since there’s a wedding ceremony adjacent to my block, I might as well talk about my dream wedding.

If tradition serves me right, a block ceremony will be sufficient and people in the vicinity of our block will see and feel the love that me and my other have.

There will be no honking of cars or the roaring noise from the exhaust to denote that my bride has arrived.

There will be great food of course. Preferably chocolate and maybe throw in a few Malay dishes to please the relatives.

Colour choice? It has to be neutral, an ethereal feel to it. And maybe a pop of colour in the flowers to liven things up a little.

Oh indie music for the entertainment? Sign me up! Bands playing.(not the orchestra ones, although I have nothing against them)

People are free to dance, so all of those Thai fidgety legs are welcome to loosen up those pants and give the shoes some abrasion at their soles.

Oh a disclaimer, I dont want to get married and I don’t believe in love.

Until next time!!


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