Evil Took Over

From morning, to night, and finally to noon when revelation of evil and negativity occurs.

Below is a free association painting of my evil being.

Wouldn’t you want that print as a scarf?

So here’s the thing. After today, I realized that there might be some Nazi blood in me. Maybe if we go down my historical line, my past self might have been someone evil; Someone who will do whatever he/she could to get what she wants.

I’ve always thought there was sinister thorn pricked in my soul. I always did. Heart of stone? You can say that. Oh, maybe Medusa was my mythological ancestor and I turn people into rocks in an instance.

Sure a lot of people confide in me, maybe because I’m a good listener.

Yet, I feel that my pessimism underlines my villainous [that’s a word, right?] self. I saw myself being selfish, lazy, aloof, demanding but I do my work right. (most of the time)

There’s just no way I can be selling myself any shorter. No wonder I’m single.

Well, I’ve hit rock bottom, so tomorrow will be a more nicer side to Fizzyfiiz.



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