Look who’s Play(ing)nation

Here’s the thing, the most advanced game set I’ve ever held/owned was Gameboy Colour. What? You don’t even know what that is?

Well, I’ve never held a Wii Game before. So, you can call me a loser.

Anyway, today the Council members went to Playnation  for virtual time of enjoyment and endless laughter. Initially, my emotions were drained from the rain and my quiff was ruined by the rain. Additionally, I was pessimistic about this trip but boy was I wrong.

The first activity was almost like “Telephone Line” but you have to act it out and we played Pictionary. [All-time favourite childhood game] I couldn’t help but laugh at others and myself.

Once that was over, the real fun begins. I tried out playing a normal fighting game, in which I lost at every round. Then I thought, since I’m here I might as well do something I can’t do on a weekly basis; Sing-a-long/sing-off. 

I have to admit that after my experience singing my voice-box off, I have a terrible voice. And it’s not only that I am insecure of my speaking voice, I now have to worry not to kill anyone with my haunting voice. [Not Joanna Newsom ‘haunting’, I meant zombie-meets-banshee ‘haunting’]

Oh and guess what? I was singing to Disney songs like Hannah Montana, High School Musical and any other non-deserving artists or groups that thrived in the industry. (Woah, now the music business is my forte?)

First, I was a thriving Disney Star and next I’m in a “Rock Band”. Singer of course. I never had nimble fingers for the guitar. From ‘Bohemian Rhapsody”  to an unknown Metal Genre, I sang. I preferred to be a back-up singer but it wasn’t the “Oo-la-las” or the “Doo-Wop”. 

After that, I couldn’t even talk properly let alone execute a proper falsetto note. 


And don’t even think I played the dance thingy with other people. Who would want to see a wooden puppet flinging himself?

Still, it’s a day of jubilation for me.



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