Fizzy Le Mutant

First of all, major “Thank you”s to my cousin for donating his PS2 to us.

If anyone of you were wondering what I have been doing during the weekend, I’ve been saving the mutant kind, virtually, via the PS2. Yes, I am one of them; The Ostracised.

If you have no clue that mutants or what X-men is, you either have no childhood or you’re a douche.

You all know I’m a huge X-men fan. So once I got hold of this game, it’s like little Hafiiz [Not the one down there] but the child in me came forth.

Me and my brother used to play this at our cousins’s h0use for like 2 hours only before we have to leave. But now, it’s all for our enjoyment and we are so blessed for the generous gesture.

Well, don’t you want to know who I picked for my A-Team?

I split the 4 members into 2;One for me and the other for my brother.

I chose Storm ( Duh, childhood heroin ) and Jean Grey (Only because Jubilee was such a weak mutant, but we don’t discriminate)

My brother chose Wolverine and Iceman. He leads the team while I just attack the villains with my superb abilities. Let me tell you, I can play this for hours. It’s so addictive because the storyline is really long and interesting. Additionally, you get to grow and learn new tricks and abilities. It’s never ending!


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