Lessons from Nature

While I’m bleaching my teeth, I might as well post something here. Listening to bjork and some folk music it reminds me a lot of nature and the surroundings.

There’s a myriad of things to learn from nature that I found surprising.

1) Embrace change in the world

You’ve probably heard people not to change themselves, well this isn’t the change I’m talking about. (So, don’t ever change who you are to please others.)

I’m talking about change in the sense of the way we move on with life after a tragedy happens. Maybe ‘tragedy’ is too harsh — how we move on and press forward to something new and better. I’m always afraid of inflicting emotional damage to myself and I find it necessary to let go of all negativity and move on.

So shed away those miseries and grow back your stability.

antm9, jenah, moss, plant, tree

2) Avoid the loggers

You’ve probably learned in Geography about the illegal tree loggers that clear the trees for either agriculture or other human related recreational activities. Well, while the trees cannot run from these destructive moving rats, we’ll take the lead from them; always avoid, repel yourselves from whoever that brings you down.

It’s not good for you and you’re definitely better than that. Well, then I have to also learn not to debase others because, like I always say, Empathy is a very important thing to me and to the way we live.

Also stay close to your comrades. You will never want to leave them behind.

3) Don’t be a parasite, grow your own roots

I’m guilty of this. I’m sorry, I really have to stand up for myself. I do have stabilizing roots but with one sea surge, I’ll be drifted away, alone and hurt.



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