The laughing world

I’ll admit, I will laugh at the littlest thing and give a stern face at the funniest thing.

Well this is why I’m writing this post in hopes of clarifying myself, if not all of you, on the type of laughter that I give out.

(Oh yeah, there’s like a lot of different laughter that means different things)

And if you realize the type of laughter when you see me, don’t mention it to me at all.


Well here we go.

1) A high pitched scream, follow up with a high-pitched hyena cackle

Now this happens when I see something really funny. Within a nano second, I’ll start cackling. This is the normal one. It happens every time and everyone knows it.

2) A high-pitched, continuous “trolley squeaking” laughter

Now, this is the type of laughter that you would rarely hear me give out. But it is genuine. The degree of humour that triggers this laughter is usually happens when I laugh at my own action.

3) The soundless laughter with a really ugly face (Something like how my face would melt of my skull)

This one is fake. It’s just to make sure that something really funny delivered by someone is reciprocated by me. It is a good intention though. I just don’t find it funny.

4) One Huff. (More of a “Hah” from the normal “Hahaha”)

I’m acknowledging your joke but I’m not in the mood at all for a good laugh. It just says it all. This usually happens when I’m in a bad mood; In the early morn’. So yeah, it’s a fake one.

But don’t get me wrong. I did attempt to laugh, but nothing more of a “Hah” comes out from my mouth.

So there you go. Just look at this post as a reflection for myself. Nothing more. It is good to analyse your emotions. And if you find it offensive when I laugh at your joke in the most fake manner, it’s not you — It’s me.



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