Cover up, fun’s arriving

Well, another day in USS wouldn’t hurt me, would it? You wouldn’t believe how many outfit I tried to put on to make it fit with the occasion. It has to be dry fit, short and dark.

I don’t have many clothes like that. Finally, it all worked out with my quiff hairdo — in which my friend calls it a curry puff look. I’m working it.

I’ll do another hourly report on my day at universal studios. I believe in that my feelings and emotions has to be recorded down before it’s lost. We begin at 8:00am


I don’t usually get involved into all the drama but suddenly I’m plunged into one. Why do I now have to start this day with such guilt and confusion. I tried so hard to be really friendly but I think I was selfish to hurt someone’s feeling. Gosh, suddenly I don’t feel like going.


Still traveling to our meeting point and I still feel guilty over what has happened. Please make it better. I promise I’ll be good.


Ok he’s not angry. And now I feel hungry. Off we go to McDonald.

I ate till there’s no way I’m going onto the fast rides. Unlike some people I prefer to be in the theatre and be amazed at all the shows.


Well, time flies so fast when you are on the rides. We went to a couple of shows (If I can remember the exact names, I would put it in, but right now my mind is just wrinkled up) and it was great. Just a while longer and they will go onto the battlestar galactica roller coaster. There is no way in god’s green earth am I stepping into the loose tin container.

(You cannot get any more concerned over the rides than Kok Wee was just now)


I’m sitting and waiting at the side while the rest gets onto the battle star galactica roller coaster. Ants surrounding me, predatory chills engulfs me. Not really, I blew them away. Gosh, it’s really boring just sitting here. I really want to venture out somewhere but no way am I leaving them.


Last ride before we leave USS; it’s some dinosaur trail with cheesy vehicles that drove at such slow speeds. Still, it’s a great ride if you have a toddler or you’re with your family. There’s great sounds and the set looked almost believable.


Heading back home now. In my friend’s car and I have to sit on someone’s lap because there was no space. Luckily I’m a contortionist. I was like a cricket in that expensive tin with wheels


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