The slight edge

It’s been said that I portray a certain evil quality that’s hard to miss. I have done a post on my evil being but haven’t really done one that justify my character. There has to be something that makes me tick and you, as will I, will find out soon.

I just realized that if I do this, I’m spreading more negative energy to all of you and that’s not what this blog is about.

For the past week I’ve been told that I was never seen angry or pissed off [this excludes my stoic and aloof time of my life] and I was questioned whether people are using that to step on me or to debase me.

Come, while I teach all of you Hafiiz’s trick to remain calm and collected.

1) Always turn that anger or negative energy  into humour

If there’s a flame flickering deep withing you, the immediate thing you want to do is to blow it out. What better emotion to drape that flame with than humour? Whenever someone says negative things about my work I usually laugh it off and divert all the negative vibe into something I find hilarious.

It is complex but if you know what I mean then great.

2) Have something to sooth your pain

For me, I need either a cup of Milo or a doze of sweet treat to relief any tension. I feel that if you’re hungry, you’re bitchy as well. Or maybe even draw. Sometimes, shutting up and doing something productive and therapeutic is better than complaining. (Not that complaining is bad, we definitely need a lot of that in life)

3) Just smile and be refrain yourself from any negativity

Do that and you can easily avoid any complications that might arise. You want to start off the day on a positive note but you talk about all your problems and start swearing at the world then you’ve just immersed yourself into a negative loophole.

(And I’m guilty of that. )

4) Don’t take it personally


I already feel that I’m at least worth $10. Maybe $15 on a good day. So, there’s most things I can easily brush off and I can forgive. Then everything’s fine, but I never forget.

Sure you cannot deny the harsh reality but then again why do you even have to accept that? I know for sure you can choose the kind of reality you want if you believe it.

Sounds too far fetched? Well, isn’t the world already far fetched?


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