You are what you think about

It’s always the “You are what you eat” but let’s go right to the thoughts.

Still, if what I eat defines me, then . . . I’m a sweet candy that makes people relax and happy.

If really OK if you think of all the horrible stuff or the hyper-sexual scenes in your head. Just don’t do it. Yet, it defines us. But is it bad? Don’t deny it; Yes.

When I feel like killing somebody, realistically I just want the person to get a grip and either shut up or tone down. Am I a murderer? Ekh, maybe not.

And if I want to do the indescribable thing to someone, well I’d still would want to do it. Am I at the stage of a hormonal outburst? Most definitely. If you’re going to use this against me, I’m just filtering out my uncoordinated instinct. I’m only human.




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