The way I feel

Today my camp organized this family day fair where food and games were the only things that interest me.

Initially I wanted to bring my sister simply because she’s like the best person to share my joy during such events. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, she can’t attend. Immediately, I thought of another person to accompany me; Ruzzie.

If there’s one person who can make me laugh and vice versa, it’s her. So just a few hours to the event I called and she had to take off from work.

I got my hair cut for the event and dressed up as if I was going for clubbing. Once there, the coupons were given and we ate. Yes, I did.

So here’s the thing, I haven’t seen Ruzzie for months and it’s about time we catch up and dish out all the updates and rants we kept.

As involved as I was of the conversation, my mind was still distracted. Whenever I see the unmentioned person in front of me I just melt. I mean, I’m only human. So don’t judge. My eyes were not only drawn but the same image I wrote about in my last post, “The distracted mind part Dos”, kept swirling around every corners of my mind.

How can I make this more obvious?

Anyways, I’m back home smiling and I had a good laugh with Ruzzie. So it’s all good.


Until next time.


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