Turn to yourself

How does the distracted mind gets a grip? He buys his most favourite thing on earth to distract him of the distraction;

It’s the fashion magazine.

Good Morning all the lovely people.

The moment I wake up from bed, the first thing that came to mind was to buy a copy of Style Men’s Magazine from NTUC, just around my vicinity. Since the next month’s issue will always be on stock on the end of this month, I just knew they would have it on sale today.

I’m not going to read it just yet. I’m waiting for tomorrow when the atmosphere in the office gets really dull.

Oh and later, my family’s watching Twilight. It’s a majority vote. It was either that, Happy Feet or Puss in Boots. And since my mum had enough of cartoons, it was an obvious choice to her. I’ve never watched twilight. I think I watched the first movie and I hated the story line to begin with. So subsequent movies, I didn’t watch.



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