The very first time

If you are comparing my post to the Madonna song, “Like a virgin”, then you can . . . (sorry, no profanities)

Oh how about an ANTM photo? “Like” this page, then.

heather7.jpg (500×375)

So, usually I’d talk about life in the office or my interior monologue during office hours. But no, today’s post is different.

So me and my friend, Zul, were in the bus, talking as usual and the bus driver yelled, in a very dead tone, “Bus break down. bus break down”. For 3 seconds, no one moved. All of us were looking around. Then he closed the engine and everyone got off the bus laughing away.

I got off, and the rear end of the bus was draped in smoke. I thought it was going to explode. You can laugh at me all you want, but at that point of time, I wasn’t ready to die. So we walked to the next bus stop.

We eventually decided to walk all the way to Northpoint. Probably 2km, we walked and we talked about X-men and whatnot. Oh yeah, it was actually really nice to talk to him other than work related topics.



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