Holy balls of feathers!

Welcome to Jurong Birdpark!

That’s the most useless poncho I’ve ever worn. I recycled it . . .  Singapore Zoological Garden’s one. Yes, it saves the earth.

After almost a decade, me and my family went to Jurong, where the Birds Park. (too lame?) The last time I went there it was boring and there wasn’t much to see.

I’m expecting much more today. But right now, it’s much better than tabulating surveys. Trust me. Unfortunately, I’m still feeling under the weather after walking in the rain. I can remember vividly how cold each droplet was as it pierced through my skin.

So anyways, the place surpassed my expectations. It wasn’t miles of walking anymore. There are more attractions along the way. And I saw the flamingos!

Sure the whole place smells of bird poo but the atmosphere they created was on the dot with nature.

There were the same ‘ol birds; Eagles, Toucans, penguins and some crowned pigeons.

Oh speaking of these balls of feathers, my mum’s wearing her own design, buttons and all and it looks great in picture.

If you’re wondering why I’m holding a “Fairprice” plastic bag, let me explain. That’s lunch in there. And I’m holding it because there’s no way I will secretly finish it.

Well, after that was all rain and birds. Nothing much really after that.



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