Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Hail Storm, right? (Pun, intended)


So, today having taken leave, I decided to buy another game which is similar to X-men legends. I researched it and found this, Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Sure the only X-men characters are Iceman, Storm and Wolverine but the rest are mutants and they share the same story.

How much did I spend on this, including another memory card? Well let’s just say I could have used that money to buy me food for the whole month. (Considering the amount of food I eat on my own, you do the math)

Currently, I’m searching for cheat codes so I can get my Jean Grey and Jubilee characters into the game.

What’s my team, you’re asking?

1) Deadpool

2) Daredevil

3) Storm 

4) Jean Grey, Invisible woman, Spider woman

My sister controls the power couple, Deadpool and Daredevil while I’m having the useless ones. Number 4) I’m still on the fence about my choice.

And yes, like what Nicole Scherzinger said on X-factor, “I’m all for female empowerment”. That’s right ladies, I’ve got your back. I understand you and I feel you.

The only downside to this game is that some of the playable characters are those whom I don’t know of or those whom I’ll never use. Also, there’s no more potions. So, whenever I spammed my mutant powers, I’d run out of it easily.

Frustrating? Yes, I’m still playing.

Now let me continue with my game.



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