Mathematical Nazi

Yay for my next 2 days of leave from work. It seems like every morning that I dread to go back to work.

Now a song for my tensed brain; Cassius  _ I love you so

Since I have free time by my side, I’ve got to play a role as a brother and guide him through his mathematics problems. I know it’s only been 3 years since I did a mathematical problem sum but I really can’t teach Math.

Now I’m what you called a Science/Math Geek during my secondary school days (Thank God I’m out of the Numbers realm), so when someone who has obviously studied . . . the simultaneous equation or the Sine Rule and does not know when to apply it even when it’s the obvious solution, I’m at rage.

Now that’s where my blood starts to boil. I know it’s an absurd situation to get frustrated but that’s me.

But if it’s Geography, Econs or some literary whatnot, I would love to explain every detail. I love these subjects and I can never get mad at them.

After almost 5 hours, the mathematical torture for both me and my brother had to end. He was tired, and my blood was spurting out of my eyes.

I need to listen to that song to relieve these tensed brain cells and get them back into the right structure or something. (Apologies to all biology students)



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