Remember when…

Remember during primary schools you had to do Show-And Tells? I would always get excited on what to bring and share to my class mates. The objects/topics I chose were silly. I didn’t know what I was thinking.

Show-and-Tell on your favourite Toy

I didn’t have a toy. Actually, if memories serve me right, I forgot all about it and I just grabbed my sister’s teddy bear and brought it and just bullshizzed my way through that.

Show-and Tell on an animal you would like to be

I was very educated on my animals. I chose the Gazelle. Something about the vulnerability and the grace attracted me.

Show-and-Tell on my dream job.

At that point of time, I didn’t know what career there were out there. I know there’s a doctor, scientist, teachers. Well, I picked a businessman. Just for no other reason that the fact that a businessman, based on my stereotypes, wears really smart  clothing and they look good.



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