Like mother like son?

A week of not blogging? Wow I have outdone myself.

Yes, it’s been a drought of thoughts in my mind right now; due to other writing commitments.

But I’m back and it’s all well.

So yesterday my mum was pretty distracted herself with her own problems (What? You’re telling me I’m the only one with problems?) And she made herself a dress/gown, whatever you call it on the day itself.

I was amazed in the level of focus she has and creativity. When I’m stressed out I’d either paint a free association picture or I’ll blog. She’s an amazing seamstress.

And like any lady, she has her own insecurities. I’ll leave that one right there.

Later on my aunt came and they talked and she told me that I got chubbier. HOLD UP, RECORDS SCREECH. She also told me I got darker, so that’s fine. But the ‘C’ word . . .

I did the fake smile and glared at my brother. He laughed, but I took it seriously. I even asked him whether it was true. But if it’s a family member who sees you everyday, you can’t possibly tell a difference.

Since I’m writing an article on New Year’s Resolution, mine would be to look like a dried up gazelle under the African sun.



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