The pearly whites

If you think I’d post a picture of my teeth, before and after, you’re wrong.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time. About 4 people commented on how white my teeth looked. How can I not be happy?

So here’s the secret. It’s CREST 3D WhiteStrips.

I got them from E bay at the price of S$**. If you’re that desperate, you can search for them and you’ll know it costs more than you and me put together.

Here’s the thing. I don’t have clear skin, I don’t have great hair. But my teeth are kinda straight so I might as well try to have whiter teeth. When I was way younger I ate a lot of sweets without brushing my teeth, so they became really yellow.

So I was sure of myself to buy a box of it. In it are 20 packets of white strips. The first 2 days of the 20 day treatment, my gums were really sensitive. I once drank from the water cooler and the image of electricity down the gums (You’ll see that in the advertisements) came to me. It hurt but it wasn’t that bad.

I forgot to take a before picture of my teeth so I can’t do much comparison. It’s a 20 days treatment and I think I’m at the 17th day. I might buy another box because they recommend 2 boxes per year.

Well, if you have purchased Crest 3D Whitestrips don’t think you can get away with the basics of white teeth. 

This is my daily oral steps I take to have whiter teeth.

1) Brush your teeth every morning and night and if you’re at work gargle all those bits off.

2) FLOSS!!!

I cannot stress enough of this step. You have got to floss every meal. I usually floss at night after dinner. And people, it’s not flossing if you claim that you do it twice . . . a month.

3) 30 seconds Mouthwash before work and before I go to bed. Oh and also after dinner.

Some might say I’m going to far to get cleaner teeth but to have people say that my teeth are so white they’d want to lick it, just sets me smiling all day.

Still, when I look at my teeth, they aren’t as white as I expected the results to be. I still see yellow hues but the journey to whiter teeth has to be maintained.

But do I regret buying them? Not at all. It was worth my money.



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