The 20-minute customer service

I was at Cold Storage to buy some goodies for Christmas/New Year gift exchange and when I was queuing up, the lady in front of me had 2 baskets full of Christmas related items like wine, pie crusts, turkey, wine, junk food and some more wine.

So the cashier, I assumed was really new because she was really slow, maybe intimidated by the $150+ worth of items or something she didn’t want to get anything wrong. Maybe.

So here’s the thing, the cashier scanned 5 similar pie crusts really slowly, one at a time. It was really frustrating. The lady behind me, with child, said:

Lady: Haiz . . . I thought she can scan once and multiply by 5 on the machine?

Me: (laughed) I know right.

And then she had trouble with the card. So after 20 minutes of waiting, it was my turn. Luckily she took less than a minute to pay my stuff.

Well, what can I do. It is the festive season so maybe they hired a lot of new people to do the job.


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