‘Tis the season to get wed and wet

Love is inevitably in the air. This month we’ve attended 3 wedding ceremonies and there’s nothing better than spectating a couple tying the knot.

So the one I’m heading to is one of our family members. It’s a themed wedding and don’t we all love themes wedding? It just makes the whole event more exciting.

I was about to write a wedding post but I’ve done one too many times; anti-love but pro-wedding. Contradicting but intriguing.

And if I should die before I wed, I’d hate myself for closing the doors on ‘you’.

Sorry, I digressed.

(3 hours later)

The food’s great, me and my siblings were waiters and waitresses. Or you can call us the cleaning workers. Well it was worth the help. And the rain made it all perfect. I’m sorry, I love the rain — Sue me.

Though we had another event to attend, I was glad to be there. Despite whatever that has happened (seriously) I really miss my relatives, most of them.


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