Cold Clay

It’s never easy to handle a person’s passing be it your loved one or someone you know. No matter how often you avoid the matter, it will just come back and bite you.

When I came home, I felt something different and it’s not good thing at all. When I found out that a family friend just passed away, it tore me. It sent flashbacks of my dad when he was sick. How painful it is to us that this person was on a the road to recovery and suddenly this happened?

And I write this post in the utmost respect for the person and her loved ones. My condolences to her family members and my prayers goes out to her.

Now I can barely even think of the loss of the loved ones without welling up because I could remember so vividly when the same incident happened to my dad. It hurts and there’s just no way out of it.

Being a welfare clerk in camp, I would be taking care of leaves and all things pertaining to the welfare of the people. So when you have people telling you that a personnel’s family member just passed away and that you have to collect the death certificates and follow up with all the respective procedures, it just sucks.

I wished it never happened, but all things would eventually turn clay-cold.


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