Rest well my love

Like finally right? The holidays are finally here, all ye few but much treasured.

I wouldn’t want to justify my absence in the literary world, but over the past 2 weeks I felt empty. No emotion whatsoever, no thoughts, no ideas. Surely you wouldn’t want to read something I just brewed for show, would you?

So I came back from camp after a half day Chinese New Year Celebration and it rained really heavily. Nothing beats the feeling of sleeping on a rainy afternoon. Pillows’ so cold, you’d just want to tuck yourself under the sheets.

I slept till the late evening, did all the necessary stuff and me and mum decided to just walk around Northpoint. I enjoy our talks. But that wasn’t the only reason I wanted to head to Northpoint.

I knew the next issue of Homme Designare and Style:MEN magazine are out now, so I had to buy them. Also, I need to get a new pair of headphones. The old ones keep slipping out of my ear and I can’t the the bass. (Really important!)

I hope you enjoy the holidays while I rest.



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