Chinese New Year Appreciation.

I know right! What’s more synonymous to celebrate Chinese New Year than eating Indian food and shopping in Mustafa Centre? 

Well, today my family ate and shop as if throwing bones into the streets was the only thing that could get us back on our feet. I’m telling you, AB Mohamed Restaurant offers food that I would actually eat and crave for more. I mean … extreme Yum-ness.

The place was packed with people. So after we bought all our stuff I thought of something daring; (I don’t do daring, so anything that is must a smidgen more than my introverted self is classified “DARING”) Wouldn’t it be fun if I posed and took a shot in the middle of a crowd?

Holy shitballs, I walked up to the crowd and first pretended to be texting. I was freaking out. Knowing the slightest breeze could claw arteries out, these people around me isn’t going to be easy for me. I had my “I’m-minding-my-own-business” look.

Sure enough, since it’s Chinese New Year, we had some Chinese food. You can tell by the amount of plates on the table how much food we ate. It was more of taste testing than bloating ourselves up. Still, very scrumptious.

Well, enjoy your holidays and Happy Chinese New Year to those who are celebrating it. I keep wishing the wrong people a Happy New Year and I feel like an insensitive horse. So countless apologies for that my friends.



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