A decade ago …

Since it’s Chinese New Year I might as well do a post of me a decade ago, CNY style. Also, since it’s a night of honesty I have to let the cat out of the bag;

I thought Chinese New Year was yesterday. I was sending text messages to tens of people including my officers. Oh, how embarrassing. And my excuse? I have none.

Lion dance

Here we go! Well I have only one. What? This was the most pivotal time of my life.

1) Lion Dance

When I was 8, (Sorry, I thought I was 18 again for a moment) When I was 10, I was afraid of these lions and the dragons. Every CNY, I would be terrified of the loud noises and how it might eat me up.

As much as I respect the history behind these creatures of scaring away evil spirits and bring forth good luck, I was gnawing on my sleeve whenever the heads curved their way to my direction. The same theory goes to any mascots really.Well, once I realized that the person behind the mask exist, my life after that (10 years later) was bearable.



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