The day Museums’ Exhibitions were free!

When my brother found out from the LIFE section of the newspaper that the Museums’ entrance fee were free, we were all excited. The last time my family went to a museum was when the RC brought us out on an outing to the National Museum. (Mind you, that was a decade ago)

My mind was pretty much made up to visit the Singapore Art Museum. Initially we all had negative views on the monotonous atmosphere it would have but were we wrong!

There were art pieces that inspire, made you think, feel and forces you to look beneath the brush strokes or portraits. The one that caught our attention was this work.

Many more art works gave me goosebumps and there were so much literature and allegory in each of them. I still want to go back there for a second time. Well, after all that inspiration me and my family were all itching to release the creative juices from ourselves and participated in 3 art activities; Calligraphy painting, masks making and decorating of red packets.

Initially, I thought I would ace this activity. I’ve painted in my scrapbook in my office more than I do my work (Oops) So, once I picked up the thick, wet brush I didn’t realize the one-ply liked paper. “SPLOTCH!”, my first brush stroke was a disaster. The rest was history. It was as if I didn’t have any thread of art artery in me.

My mum was an expert in art (Another whom I gain my inspiration from). She grew with jubilation as every brushstroke would produce nice outcome. Well, as for me, the more I tried to correct my first error, the more it became catastrophic.

The next 2, I swore I’d produce better results. The mask making didn’t go as planned. I didn’t realize there was a dragon theme for the mask making. In the end I did a fox mask. A little twiggy-inspired eyelash to add a little volume to the mask. The decoration of red packets was fine. I’m very proud of the flower I drew . . . with one of my worst enemies; Crayons.

After all that, the visit to the National Museum and Peranakan Museum was fine. There were interesting artifacts with intricate designs but I was under the weather and all I could think of was not letting my nose run. Still, after pass the cultural alley, it was a unanimous vote that we all favored the Arts Museum more than the rest .

The rest was pretty much normal; Walking around looking for a nice background to take a photo. Thanks to my sister, pictures were incredibly shot.

Before I end this post. I highly recommend visiting the Singapore Art Museum. If you like art, literature or just a split moment of empathy with the artist, that is the place to go.



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