Fizzy’s talking

This is another art exhibition from the Singapore Art Museum. I believe it’s called “The Chapel”. The atmosphere in that room was so mystical. Oh look at me on the extreme left of the picture!

Hey there. Today’s post will not be a specific one. I just feel like typing. The first day of work after Chinese New Year was actually not that bad. Finally met my friends after the holidays. I didn’t have much work to do. Sketched a bit. I’ll take a photo of it and post it here. It’s beauty warps around the dirt of depression. So just be ready. (Nah, it’s not that bad)

Speaking of beauty and depression, my heart still yearns for something. You, please lead me to the oasis, I sure am thirsty. And please lead me to your life, stretched out in a hoop, for I long to see you everyday.

Sorry, I digressed.

Oh I just realized something about my blog traffic. Every week, my dashboard will show the top posts read. Without fail, my post, “Poor, poor, Medusa” will appear in the top 5. In the aforementioned post, I gave my opinion of Medusa. I’m surprised it’s still being read.




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