An ambiguous contradiction

Yay for Friday, right? I’m just blessed to be able to go home early. To be able to get away from work even for a minute is wonderful.

So here’s the so called painting I did over the week. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I spent so long on it, it’s just that I will find any cranny of spare time I have just to paint.

Like how any artist would paint their emotions, mine is fully a free association one. It usually starts out from a mistake. Well, this is for your interpretation.

I’d like to call this piece, “The Ambiguous contradiction”.

To be stripped of your identity even when you try not to stand out.

To try not to fumble in the presence of the gentle figure. The masculine swan cocked her head up towards the flamboyant vulture, both thinking of the same thing, feeling the same ink that flows through their veins.

I just hope you feel something out of this painting, or lack thereof.

Enjoy the weekends and UNTIL NEXT TIME !!


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