By the water

I’m sitting by the water. I am skipping little stones across the surface of the water. Down they go and vanished from my sight. It’s nearing February and the least I can think of is you. (Sorry, I just can’t get this person out of my head)

How’s everyone? I never had a problem of writing within a dateline, but this specific one I am currently doing is going to be one. It’s not that I didn’t want to write. I just have no mood for it today. I’m really hoping I’m able to finish it tomorrow.

Wow, I just realized I’m super distracted. If I could just ask the fire to move away, I wouldn’t be distracted by it’s flickering light. Whenever I see it, I feel the warmth but I can only imagine it. It’s something so intangible but it’s so close. I just have to reach for it.

I just want to sit by the river, everything is just drenched and sodden. So cold, I’m able to feel nothing. I just want to freeze my heart; devoid of emotions that could hurt me. Yet, I do not want to sacrifice all the good feelings.


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