Laura Veirs – “I Can See Your Tracks”

I know the last few music recommendation/reviews was about Joanna Newsom. I’m still in love with her. Still listening to 10 of her songs repeatedly but I can only spread the Newsom music so far. As for this song, it’s similar.

Laura Veirs is a folk singer and this is the first song I’ve heard from this artist. And if it’s this great, I can’t wait to listen to her other songs. Enjoy. You know you want to listen to it. 

Oh I can see your tracks
But I won’t follow them
I’ll just hope for rain
Or some kind of crazy wind
To erase them
And chase them into oblivion

Oh I can smell the smoke
From your fire, babe
But I’ll leave you alone
And sleep in this lonely cave
And pray for
A storm to scrub this dirt away

Oh I can hear the snakes
Creeping cross the scene
I’m quaking in my boots
But you won’t hear me scream
You’re half way
Down to New Orleans
You’re half way
Down to New Orleans

To avoid what’s bad for you. To resist someone who might just hurt you. To remove a memory but is ingrained so deeply into your thoughts. The ‘smoke’ and the ‘snakes’ from whence it came, shall seem like a sudden sloping path.

I love the subtle tune. Very skeletal which gives a much greater emphasis on the meaning of the song. Perhaps it’s raw form with huddled voices in the back mirrors the loneliness Veirs felt while trying to forget someone.


Into the MP3 you go!


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