They clawed and cawed

It seems like not much work was done for this. Well, you’re right, but I took about 3 days . . . during my spare time in my office

O’ arms that lies beneath the log, you have come to me coated in moss

I fear the trail you left behind, like explosive black powder

The chill that you bring….


Oh, hey guys!. Sorry about my interior monologue. I’m still learning better words to use for my literary execution. I’m on off tomorrow. (Yay, me) I can already predict what’s going to happen tomorrow

1) Wake up

2) Eat breakfast (Yes, only on holidays and weekends do I feel the need of eating breakfast)

3) To the market to buy groceries.

4) Laptop time till darkness falls oh so quickly.

That was what happened on Monday, during my off day and it’s not going to be any different tomorrow.

So today I was glad to be back and seeing all the faces whom I haven’t seen for a week. The sight of the significant other is also a delight and there’s just no way my bad mood can come after that. (Hola to the significant other!)

I sat behind the computer behind the room and painted most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I completed all of my tasks for today so that would give me a lot of Fizzy Time with my sketch book and my Joanna Newsom.



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