The 3 divas

Notes written on serviettes are always a great to have. I got them from my great friends, Suadi and Lizzie.  

So I took half a day off from work because I had to meet Lizzie. Where? At Ion Orchard. Let me tell you, I never want to go there again. Wherever my head turn, there are beautiful people everywhere. I got really jealous and uncomfortable.

I went into the restroom and I saw guys with great facial features, wore great clothes, had great skin and hair. As soon as I looked up into the mirror, I saw a hawk with a scarf around its neck. It was horrible. That was a moment of low self-esteem and I could barely breathe from it.

Not only that, me and Lizzie talked about our love issues throughout our venture for food. It was sick!

Anyways, we sat at Starbucks and talked about our Drama days and whatnot. We laughed so much, my stomach hurt. I needed that actually. I can’t recall the time I laughed that much and that hard at the same time.


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