Take a chill pill!

You have no idea how long it took to just sketch that hair of hers.

Just this afternoon, I was compressed with really unnecessary anger-related situations and I’m just dumb-founded at how some people would be that temperamental even when faced with the slightest discomfort or obstruction.

In the bus, a lady spouted some profanities at someone behind her cause strands of her hair was caught under the hands of that someone behind her at the handles of the seat. First of all, she had hair like a thistle bush, so obviously if the person wanted to stand up, strands of her hair will get caught. Secondly, I wouldn’t even bother looking behind and release a slurry of bad words.

Then another incident happened to me; A case of an insincere “Excuse Me”. Can I just emphasize that the phrase “Excuse Me” is a  polite social convention. (And I’m not including the sarcastic tone we all use) I just smiled that the person who said it in the most agitated way and said “Sorry”.

And in my head I was like, “You know, you don’t really have to be angry you know”. 

I know I’m a very negative person, but I still smile or whatnot. I don’t swear like a sailor and I don’t get angry. I just hold a grudge, that’s all.

Until Next time!!


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