A muddled mind

Fire swirling in the piece of thimble.
Bearings’ gone all astray.
You are one too strong to fight.
I shall leave you with your manners.
Ships are sailing, the lighthouse awaiting their arrival.
I am walking towards the east but you are
like a sinkhole;
depressed, compressed and hallowed. 
The only one I see with delight doesn’t even want to turn back but that’s beside the point. It wouldn’t hurt for me to slur a few words. But beware Hafiiz, it might just be of a grappling hook
I watched the milky moon, but it’s covered by the hazy night.  Seems impossible but beneath the haze of it all I can just picture the apparent beauty of it.
You are change but you are not everything.
Everything is stacked on me and it tumbles (Well not everything)
 like a pyroclastic  flow, 
ruining my brow.

It’s not done yet but ‘Thumbs Up” if you get my drift.



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