Have I changed?

Some would say that I have changed. They’ve seen a different side of me they’ve never seen before and of course I’m aware of this so-called change. (Maybe it was the sunburn on my face)

Like the veins in my body or the meandering river, some might say that they have shifted and have converted into something else, to that extent. Look, I haven’t really changed. Even still, if there were any ‘change’ in me, it would be a realignment of my veins to where it is suppose to be.

I have never felt more myself for a very long time. (Boy, did it took long enough) I’m speaking out more and I’m doing what I want most of the time.

How ironic it is that I’m feeling more myself and I’ve dammed up all other secrets behind me? The thing is, I just want people to like me. Some might swerve me aside and tell me that I shouldn’t care of what they think.

But my analytic and pessimistic mind gently creeps into a Mammoth cave where I get lost in. I hate that about myself. And when I want to be less sensitive to what people are saying, I find myself to be cold or less empathetic.

I feel the breeze from the east blowing towards me.

And you are one of them exhaling.

UNTIL NEXT TIME!! (Replace with a dourly tone)


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