You guys, if you read my Facebook status you’ll know I had this terrible nightmare an hour after I slept:

“I just woke up from a bad dream, thought it was 5.45am and it’s time to get ready for work and I looked at my watch (11.30pm) ….     -_-“

It’s a recurring dream actually (and it only last like 30 seconds, I don’t know why) and I’ve got to share it with you. Shall we?

It was night and I was being chased by a group of guys. I mean there were about 10 of them. An angry mob? Not sure. I wasn’t sure who they were, but I was sure the feeling I had was heart thumping. I’ve never felt so afraid before.

I didn’t know why they were chasing me. (Then why was I running?) I ran and turned to every corner there was so I lose them but each time I turn back, I see them appearing from the corners of the buildings one by one, rushing to get me.

They were just running, no facial expression. My dream camera was not zooming like that in the movies. Then the most terrible thing happened, I slowed down. My feet were still like rodent’s feet scampering but I moved so slowly and I panicked.

Well guess what? I actually shape-shifted in my dream. I turned into a lamp and shrunk. (Apparently, my dream became an omniscient one and I saw me turning into a lamp)

Then I woke up, terrified.


So I asked my mum what it meant (just for the fun of it) and she said that a lot of people are jealous of me. Then I thought, why would they? I don’t even find myself worth living mentioning. In fact, I’m jealous of a lot of other people. (Can’t mention who, but yeah, a lot)



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