Fizzy’s first clubbing night.

There’s only one thing I can say about this; First and last. Ever.

Also, a disclaimer, whatever I reveal in this post is not synonymous of how the event went. It’s just a highly personal reflection.

So my camp had it’s 34th anniversary at Movida @ St James Powerhouse with a theme, “Retro night”. (Don’t you just love themed events?) I knew that when the retro theme was out, my hair was going point up towards the skies, but what outfit?

So I had on this really geeky ensemble with a bow tie and glasses so that when I stepped into the club, I’m sending a message that I’m a geek ad I sure don’t dance. (We’ll get to that outcome later on)

As soon as I stepped in, in my head I went, “Wow, it’s really small and crowded”. Well isn’t that obviously the characteristics of a club? I’m not sure, I’ve never been into one.

The lights were beaming and the music was blasting. I’m never a club person so I could not have felt more uncomfortable.

I did receive really sweet complements about my outfit. The host called me a cute boy, and I’ll stand by it. I’m not sexy, but cute is fine by me. Although, the best one was that someone told me that I looked like I walked out from an old picture and that I looked really dashing. I can imagine myself walking in black and white films.

The food catered . . . I’m just going to let that sit there for you to digest. That was the only thing that could be improved on.

Throughout the whole event I didn’t drink, not even plain water, and I got dehydrated and I passed out for a while (not really). But I was thirsty. I just didn’t want to drink from the cups there.

The host was so funny and really pretty , thus one of the many reasons the event was a success.

Now, when the band started playing, they were inviting everyone to come and dance on the dance floor which was just a foot away from where I was sitting. Serve me right for sitting there, right?

So sure enough the staff, I assume, at Movida started of the dance with a guy and they did this salsa-ish routine. Let me tell you the eyes of the guy was just fixated on the middle regions of the lady that dance with him. Just saying, my eyes got sizzled with distaste.

Then alas, the same lady pulled me to dance with her and I did albeit my obviously geeky aura that I sent out. Can I say that I’m a terrible dancer. But when she touched me and doing this sensual dance, very appropriate in a club but not to me, I moved her hands from my body and did the most cheesiest dance move; I think I jumped repeatedly and did this primary school dance move.

In my defense, I felt sinned and no girl has ever done that to me before. Anyways, I didn’t like the song they played at that point of time.

I went back to my seat, thinking it was over but no, she pulled me and my friend again to dance with her. It happened like 4 times. “Why me?”, I asked. I’m not even a good dancer having proven myself not worthy to dance in the first round.

By about 9:00pm, I could smell the stench of the beer rising. I felt nauseated a lot of times buy still had my smile on. I saw people who went over their limits and they were a great spectacle to watch. It was hilarious but it then got freaky. My eyes burnt a couple of times, I can’t lie.

We ended the night with club music and I did my hippie dance with my friends. I had such a great time there only then.

I don’t want to way that I just had to get used to the club-like atmosphere, but the bass might have cracked a nano layer of rock over my heart. And when the event died down, I found myself shouting because the bass and music was still ringing in my mind.

So a rating on my experience there? Maybe a 7.

But a rating on how well it was organized and executed? Definitely a full score. Maybe a 9.5 just because of the food.



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