Bound by friendship

I’m considering this post to be the best post I wrote (and possible the best daythis month because , after over a year, I finally met up with a couple of my best friends, Amelia and Cheryl. (Shout outs to you girls!) It wasn’t the famous 5, but more of The Supremes today. It wasn’t the whole clique but YZ, we have to meet one day.

Well, it wouldn’t have happened if not for our college’s event, Celebrating Values Day.

I was inappropriately dressed though. Why did I even thought of wearing a jacket to a place that retains heat? Worst still, I wasn’t wearing anything under it, so there was no way I could take my jacket out. Well, my mum told me to take out this white shirt I wore under initially because it looked better without it.

So there I was, sweating and holding a piece of tissue paper wherever I go because I did not want to look like a piece of fried chicken in front of everyone.

We did see a couple of our tutors but felt that the rest were missing. In fact, there weren’t many tutors walking (or patrolling) the school. Weird. Sure enough, since we weren’t expecting any other of our tutors we decided to get out of there. It was too hot and prices there can hurt a guy.

Pasta Mania it was and we  ate and caught up with really important issues; Love life, school problems and most importantly le ol’ gossip.

I really can’t wait for our next meet up.  I really needed that one today. (Multiple shoutouts again to Cheryl and Amelia)



One Response to Bound by friendship

  1. Amelia says:

    Post this photo online then we can tag yz in the background! 😛

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